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Welcome to MAXXINDO : All in One Advertising in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. You can find anything about advertising and Indonesia Export Products in our website.

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Graphic Design
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Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter
Wicker Furniture
Rattan Furniture
Wood Furniture
Bamboo Furniture
Lloyd Loom Furniture

Synthetic Rattan Furniture
Coconut Wood Flooring and Furniture
Rattan Basket

Indonesia Ceramic Manufacturer & Exporter
Ceramic Teapot Set, teapot, mug, saucer etc.
Ceramic Tableware, teapot, cup, mug, dish, plate, serving tray, watering can, bowl etc.
Ceramic Pottery, jar, vase, flask, urn, jug etc.

Indonesia Stone Manufacturer & Exporter
Natural Stone

Indonesia Agriculture Industry



Indonesia Exporter Directory   |  Web Design  |  Graphic Design  |  Logo Design
Sales Promotion Girl  |  
Indonesia Business Advertisement  |   About Us

Jl. Klayan, Jadimulya 1/4 No. 237, Cirebon 45151 - INDONESIA
Phone : (0231) 9125262, 0853 1473 8899
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